Brownell Boat Stand

If you are looking for Brownell Boat stands see links below for power and sailboats,  call to order.

  • Motor boat Stand
  • A Brownell  power boat stand is a safe, easy and effective ways to stabilize boats on dry land after weight of the vessel is resting on blocks under the keel. These Brownell stands have straight vertical centerline pipes with adjustable screw top. Straight motorboat stands are designed for mostly flat bottomed lines of  a power boat or for a stern stand. For deep-v bottom type vessels, choose sailboat stands instead.
  • Brownell Sailboat Stand
  • Brownell boat stands are safe, easy and effective stabilizers for boats resting on blocks out of water. Angled centerline tubes with adjustable screw tops are ideal for securely supporting rounded sailboat hulls. Use one V-top stand for bow.
  • Keel Support
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  • TLC Boat Pads