Blue Water Marine Copper Shield 35 Hard…Free Shipping

Blue Water Marine Copper Shield 35 is a hard modified epoxy bottom paint with 35% cuprous oxide content for effective anti-fouling protection against barnacles, algae and hydroids in salt and fresh water on boat bottoms only. It’s modified epoxy base renders a smooth finish with durability and abrasion resistance.COPPER SHIELD HARD™ - Full Season Modified Epoxy - 35% Copper

Copper Shield 35 Hard paint releases biocide by the exposure of new paint film to the water. Application over all types of properly prepared bottom paints (except aluminum). Perfect paint for powerboats and sailboats in seasonal boating conditions and for use on fast fiberglass boats, as well as wood and steel hulls.

Comes with 1 pt of paint booster for 8X added anti fouling protection over non boosted antifoulings. Effective for slime/growth and barnacles.

Available in gallons or quarts. Choose from Royal Blue, Marine Black.

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