Pettit Vivid bottom paint

Pettit Vivid Bright Colored Antifouling Bottom Paint

Bottom paint was always dull and dirty looking until Vivid. Now you can have the brightest colors, the blackest black and the whitest white you have ever seen in bottom paint. When you choose a clean, bright Vivid color, you also get a powerful, multi-season, dual biocide antifouling, a Pettit antifouling that is, simply, as effective as it is beautiful.

  • Excellent antifoulant for all boats, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and steel.
  • Hard low drag finish that can be sprayed and brunished for a racing advantage.
  • Available in six clean bright colors including 1861 black, 1161 white, 1461 yellow, 1661 red, 1261 blue and 1361 green.
  • Colors can be combined to achieve a rainbow of new clean bright bottom paint colors.
  • Contains two biocides the slime resistant zinc pyrithione algicide and cuprous thiocyanate.
  • Meets VOC regulations with a low 330 grams per liter.
  • Tin free and not restricted in use.

Suggested List Price qt $98.71 – Suggested List Price Gal $275.00

  • eboatworks Price qt. 1161 white $79.95 – gal. $225.95
  • eboatworks Price qt. 1261 blue $79.95 – gal.$225.95
  • eboatworks Price qt. 1361 green $79.95 – gal. $225.95
  • eboatworks Price qt. 1461 Yellow $79.95 – gal.$225.95
  • eboatworks Price qt. 1661 red $79.95 – gal. $225.95
  • eboatworks Price qt. 1861 Black $79.95 – gal.$225.95