Pettit Trinidad Pro-AF

An enhanced version of the spectacular Trinidad bottom paint, containing the latest technology in biocides to increase its effectiveness against slime and algae.

Pettit Trinidad Pro AF Antifouling Bottom Paint

Note:  In 2016 the agent Irgarol used in this and other bottom paints was recently discontinued and the paint has been reformulating.

How do you make the best better? By adding new technological developments to your number one antifouling bottom paint. Trinidad Pro and SR has the same basic hard-to-improve-on formula as our regular Trinidad but with the addition of a booster additive called Irgarol, that significantly reduces soft growth and slime (SR stands for Slime Resistant). Irgarol was developed by the Ciba Additive Group has gone through years of extensive testing under the auspices of the EPA but is no longer being produced. .Trinidad Pro AF’s high copper load (contains 60.0% cuprous oxide), will give excellent service even in most heavily infested waters. Trinidad SR is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray and has excellent adhesion to fiberglass, wood and steel hulls.

Trinidad Pro AF bottom paint is available in four colors. Stock photo shown may not be correct.

Suggested List Price qt $87.41 – Suggested List Price gal $308.80  Note: Irgarol used in this and other bottom paints was recently discontinued.