Meguiars Fiberglass Boat Soap & Cleaner

Meguiars Boat Rv Gel Wash

* Biodegradable wash lifts boat scum, dirt, salt spray, grime, bird droppings and other fresh contaminants
* Does not strip wax
* Conditioners in wash increase shine
* Sheeting action greatly reduces drying time

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Meguiars Boat Wash

* 64 oz economy size
* Safely removes grime and dirt
* long lasting suds

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Meguiars Quick Clean Marine spray

* Instantly wipes away contamination, without harming wax.
* Quickly and safely removes fresh water spots, salt spray, boat scum and other contaminants.
* You’ll instantly achieve a highly reflective gloss between washings.

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Meguiars Color Restorer

* Mirror Glaze Color Restorer contains an exclusive blend of mild cleaning agents that delicately remove light to medium oxidation, stains, water spots and dullness.
* For use on fiberglass and painted marine surfaces
* Safe alternative to a rubbing compound

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Meguiars Bildge cleaner

Safe, Biodegradable cleaner that quickly dissolves grease, oil, gas and sludge. Non-corrosive and non-toxic cleaner keeps Bilge clean and fresh smelling. Also great for the cleaning of bait tanks and fish wells. Available in 32oz or 1 gallon value size.

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  • eboatworks price 1 gallon m6001 $17.95

Meguiars Clear Plastic cleaner

* Removes fine hairline scratches from all types or clear plastic
* You’ll reveal the material’s natural brilliance, while leaving behind an anti-static coating that helps repel damaging dust and dirt.
* The finishing touch for maximum clarity and brilliance.

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Meguiars Heavy Duty Vinyl cleaner

* Removes ground-in dirt from soiled vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces.
* Ideal for cleaning textured non-skid surfaces.
* Restores color with a rich natural sheen, not the typical synthetic shine you get with conventional products.
* Screens out damaging U/V rays that can fade and crack.

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