Interprotect 3000

A unique, high solids, two-part epoxy coating, developed to protect old and new fiberglass hulls from water absorption, which can lead to hull blistering.

This product meets the most restrictive V.O.C. regulations in the country. Key product features include:

Contains Micro-Plates® for extra protection

Can be applied at temperatures down to 32°F (0°C)

Anticorrosive substrate primer for metals

Interprotect® 3000/3001was developed for spray application but can be brushed and rolled

  • Application Details for Interprotect 3000/3001
  • Area Above Water
  • Finish/Sheen Matte
  • Converter/Curing Y3001
  • Number of Coats: As required to reach 10 mils DFT
  • Method of application: Brush / Roller / Airless Spray / Conventional Spray

Suggested List Price

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  • eboatworks Price 3000 kit gal. $139.95 – Buy Now