Interprotect 2000

Interprotect® 2000E is the newest development of Interprotect® 2000. It has many of the same outstanding properties but does not contain methylene chloride. For this reason it is designated with the “E’’ to be a more environmentally preferred product.

Technically, the Interprotect® Micro-Plate® formula provides millions of overlapping microscopic plates. When bound in the epoxy coatings, they create an overlapping barrier similar to shingles on a roof. Micro-Plates therefore eliminate any direct path for water migration.

  • Application Details for Interprotect 2000E/2001E
  • Area Below water
  • Finish/Sheen Matte
  • Converter/Curing Y2001E
  • Number of Coats: As required to reach 10 mils DFT
  • Method of application: Brush / Roller / Airless Spray / Conventional Spray

Suggested List Price

  • eboatworks Price qt. 2000 Kit $27.95
  • eboatworks Price gal. 2000 Kit $74.95 Buy Now