Fortress Boat Anchor

In test after test, from coast to coast and from around the world, no anchor in history has been called “The World’s Best Anchor” by more boaters and respected marine experts than Fortress…and for good reason.

Years of research and development, high-tech materials and manufacturing and thousands of real world tests are your assurance of performance, quality, and value. Fortress weighs only half as much as heavier steel anchors and yet outperforms them all.

Why? Because the Fortress design does not depend upon weight to provide world class performance. All this adds up to your best value in anchoring safety and convenience.

The Legendary Fortress Anchor

Myth: The heavier the anchor, the better…..

Fact: Modern designs and state-of-the-art engineering have made anchors not only better, but lighter, too! In several real world tests, including one conducted by the U.S. Navy, the best holding anchors were actually among the lightest! Anchor design has more effect on holding power than weight.

Myth: Steel is the strongest material for anchors…..

Fact: Not anymore! Many materials are now stronger than steel. For example, high-tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy is well suited for anchors and is, pound-for-pound, more than twice as strong as steel.

Myth: All anchors perform the same way…..

Fact: Not so! Different designs and different materials make anchors perform very differently. When you consider the value of the boat an anchor is protecting, (your boat!) an anchor is no place to economize. It pays to get the best performing anchor you can. Call for Pricing.

  • eboatworks Price FX-7 16-27ft boats $99.95
  • eboatworks Price FX-11 28-32ft boats $129.95
  • eboatworks Price FX-16 33-38ft boats $179.95
  • eboatworks Price FX-23 39-45ft boats $265.95
  • eboatworks Price FX-37 46-51 ft boats $389.95
  • eboatworks Price FX-55 52-58 ft boats $554.95