Fiberglass Bottomkote NT

Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote NT® (New Technology) is formulated with a unique, Dual Resin Technology that allows a boat owner to benefit from the advantages in both ablative and hard antifouling paints. Fiberglass Bottomkote NT is a very durable coating, preventing premature wear-through, yet it has a slow polishing effect that keeps the hull clean & smooth without the heavy paint build-up you can get year after year with a traditional hard antifouling. With its fast drying properties, you can paint and launch the boat the same day!  Fiberglass Bottomkote NT is a universal product for most substrates (excluding aluminum) and it’s an affordable choice!


Suggested List Price

  • eboatworks Price qt. 349red $44.95 – gal. $89.95
  • eboatworks Price qt. 359 green $44.95 – gal.$89.95
  • eboatworks Price qt. 369 blue $44.95 –  gal. $89.95
  • eboatworks Price qt. 739 black $44.95 – gal.$89.95