Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote ACT $135.95

Interlux Fiberglass BottomkoteĀ® ACT bottom paint provides premium antifouling protection in moderate to heavy fouling areas and is compatible with and can be applied over other antifouling paints as long as the old coatings are in sound condition.

Fiberglass Bottomkote ACT bottom paint uses Ablative Copolymer Technology, which means it washes away with use like a bar of soap constantly exposing fresh and effective biocide and will provide excellent antifouling protection throughout the boating season. This Ablative Copolymer Technology also eliminates the buildup of old spent coatings and the heavy sanding that would be needed to remove those coatings.

Fiberglass Bottomkote ACT can be taken out of the water on a short-term basis (30 days maximum) and re-launched without losing antifouling effectiveness. It does not however, retain its antifouling ability for seasonal out of the water storage.

Application Details for Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote ACT
Area Below water
Finish/Sheen Matte
Method of application: Brush / Roller / Airless Spray / Conventional Spray h.

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