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Note: The slime-fighter agent Irgarol used in Bluewater SCX and other brand bottom paints was recently discontinued. Manufacturers have responded by reformulating affected paints and making available new alternatives.

Blue Water Copper Shield with SCX – Slime Control Xtra, this 45% copper multi-season self-polishing ablative is one of the best bottom paints on the market at a great price!

Power Boat Reports and Practical Sailer 10/2009 reviewed 54 paints by all the top companies and this “received” its highest rating.

Blue Water Copper Shield SCX 45 Bottom Paint – COPPER SHIELD SCX 45

Copper Shield SCX 45 is a good multi season ablative copolymer. With it’s copper content (46percent), in addition to the performance booster SCX (slime control extra) provides outstanding protection against slime, growth and weeds. Continual release of biocide makes this self polishing most effective for anti-fouling protection, with only minimal paint buildup.

Perfect for sail and powerboats and can re-launch after extended haul outs while retaining original antifouling properties. Can be applied over most hard or multi season bottom paint.

Copper Shield SCX has been changed for 2018 to Copper Shield 45

                    Note: “Click” Here For 2018 Copper Shield – Medium Load Copper Ablative

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