Blue Water Copper Shield 45…Free Shipping

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Copper Shield 45 at our low price has a high cuprous oxide content 45 percent with a coating that provides a self-polishing ablative .  Compare to ACT, Bottomkote or Horizons

Blue Water Copper Shield 45 bottom Paint – COPPER SHIELD 45

Copper Shield 45 is a good performance full season ablative copolymer.

Continual release of biocide makes this self polishing paint most effective for anti-fouling protection.

Can be applied over most hard or multi season bottom paint. Effective for slime/growth and barnacles.  Copper Shield has universal application over all types of properly prepared bottom paints (except aluminum). For use on fast fiberglass boats, as well as wood and steel hulls

Copper Shield 45 bottom paint is available in four colors

Suggested List Price  $ – 169.95