Blue Water Copper Gold Coast SPC…Free Shipping


Blue Water Gold Coast SPC bottom Paint “Free Shipping”

Gold Coast SPC™ – a self-polishing copolymer (SPC) antifouling which releases biocides via a hydrolysis reaction of an acrylic polymer with salt or fresh water. This is a chemical reaction & only occurs at the surface of the coating. Gold Coast SPC™ combines controlled polishing rate and optimum biocide release with inherent self smoothing for hull roughness control & maximum fuel efficiency. Gold Coast SPC™ has been specifically designed to meet the performance & environmental demands of powerboats, sailboats, deep sea & coastal vessel operators.

  • High Load Boosted SPC – Self Polishing Copolymer
  • Controlled Polishing Rate & Optimum Biocide Release
  • Maximum Fuel Efficiency through SPC Technology
  • Multi-Season Protection
  • Relaunch without Painting
  • Self Smoothing for Hull Roughness Control
  • Tremendous Protection for High Fouling Conditions

New for 2018

  • eboatworks Price Gold Coast SPC blue – gal. $189.95 Buy Now
  • eboatworks Price Gold Coast SPC black – gal. $189.95 Buy Now