Blue Water Copper Pro SCX 67 Hard…Free Shipping

Copper Pro 67 SCX Hard is a replacement for Pettit  and Interlux Bottom Paint.  The best full season on the market back for 2018!

Copper Pro SCX™ Hard – The highest performance modified hard epoxy performance production the market today. The highest copper content (67%) in our line, and in addition our performance booster SCX™ – SLIME CONTROL XTRA™ – provides outstanding protection against slime, grass and weed.

Copper Pro SCX Hard was the ONLY product rated “EXCELLENT” in the high copper modified epoxy category, and beat Pettit Trinidad, Trinidad SR, Trinidad Pro & Trinidad 75, Interlux Ultra, Ultrakote, and Seahawk Tropikote Biocide Plus & Tropikote hands down, March, 2009 – Practical Sailor.

COPPER PRO SCX HARD™ - Full Season - Boosted Modified Epoxy - 67% Copper

Blue Water Marine Copper Pro SCX 67 is a high performance, modified hard epoxy boat bottom paint that provides outstanding full season protection against slime, grass and weed and protection against hard and soft growth in extreme fouling conditions. Its modified epoxy base creates a smooth finish with exceptional durability and abrasion resistance.

SCX 67 is perfect paint for powerboats and sailboats, and can be applied directly over properly prepared epoxies and vinyls and most other hard bottom paints.

For use on fast fiberglass boats, as well as wood and steel hulls. Performance is directly proportional to the amount of paint applied.

Copper Pro SCX 67 is available in gallon or quart sizes. Choose from Royal Blue, Admiral Green,Marine Black,Regatta Red or Bright Blue.

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