Amazon Teak Care

Amazons teak products are easy to apply and leave your teak looking new and beautiful. Amazons golden teak oil helps seal and protect your teak with an easy wipe-on, wipe off application.

Amazons 1-step teak cleaner is a powerful non-alkaline cleaner that removes dirt, grease, and the weathered grey look from teak. Will not harm your fiberglass. Easy to use just scrub and rinse.

Amazons Quickie 2 step teak cleaner for the toughest jobs.

Pint Teak Oil
Ama Gto 125
Suggested List Price $12.95

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Quart Teak Oil
Ama Gto 150
Suggested List Price $17.95

  • eboatworks Price/qt $16.95 Buy Now

1-Step Teak Cleaner qt
Ama Tc250
Suggested List Price $11.95

  • eboatworks Price/qt $10.95 Buy Now

Developed for the toughest wood cleaning jobs without the harmful dangers of acid cleaners. Won’t harm fiberglass or eat away woods soft grain. Part One takes care of the deeper stains, grease and grime while Part Two follows through with surface cleaning and brightening agents. No burning hands or stained fiberglass with Amazon’s Acid Free teak cleaners. Each kit includes a teak scrubber for easier teak cleaning